Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Stove and Cookset

The Trangia 25-8UL/HA
This is the cook set we'll be using on the trip.

It's a simple stove.  To light it just fill the fuel canister (top left) with methylated spirits or denatured alcohol, light a match, drop it in, and you're ready to cook.  The flame can be adjusted with the simmer ring (bottom).    

The stove resting inside the wind guard.

The pots rest inside the wind guard, as pictured here with the tea kettle.

So far we've boiled water and made oatmeal on Joe's front porch.  Takes about 8 minutes total.  Not bad for a small flame and cheap fuel.

The whole set fits nicely inside the wind guard.

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Nancy Raschka-Reeves said...

Looks like a nice compact cook set.