Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ride to Duluth - Day 2

Packing up after our night of camping. In addition to the main bathrooms being closed, the water pumps were also shut off for the season. We had to choose between coffee and oatmeal. It was tough.
It was a fun ride out of the campground, not quite as tough as riding in the night before, whatever.
Weather started to clear up around noon on the second day. It was pretty awesome to see the clouds parting. It really reminded me why I like spending so much time outside. One develops this awareness of the weather you just don't have when you spend your day indoors. Maybe that's partly because of how much more it effects you when you're spending all your time outside. Regardless, it was awesome.

Lunch in a shady grove.
I think were excited about something, or frightened. I can't recall.
Ten miles out of Duluth. Carlton, MN. The next five miles or so of this go along the Northern portion of Jay Cook State Park.

Why no swimming?
Oh wait, that's why.
Jay Cook State Park.
I'm eyeing our bikes. I think this is proof that loaded touring bikes don't make appealing getaway vehicles for thieves. And nobody wanted a pannier full of our dirty clothes.
We made it. Thanks to Eve, Candace and Ricki and family for letting us crash at your house on the North Shore. It was a great stopping point. Thanks to the host guy at the Scenic Cafe for letting us fill our water bottles when all the other pumps were still closed for the season. And thanks to the tail wind we had most of the second day. It was a blast cruising along at 19 miles an our with fully loaded bikes.

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Emily Dyer said...

Congratulations! Nancy just shared your big news. Eli can't wait for the celebration party this fall.