Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Route

So it looks as though we have our route set in stone.  The only question is do we want to stop in Seattle, WA or keep moving on up to Vancouver.  Suggestions?  As far as accommodations go I'm thinking we'll be mixing it up with camping, staying with people we may know along the way and maybe staying with some people we don't know.  We'll be finding these people on Warm Showers, and if anyone knows people along the route, let us know if you think they may be interested in hosting us for a night or two.  

This link from Adventure Cycling shows the routes we'll be doing the Pacific Coast route but we'll be starting out of L.A. instead of Imperial Beach, CA.  

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Sisterfilms said...

I know people in Tacoma, right outside Seattle, that are very hospitable...let me know if you plan on that route!