Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Riding

So it began. It really began a couple of weeks ago when it started getting cold, but now its on. It's us versus them. Commuters versus weather. People think I'm crazy for biking in this kind of weather, I think drivers are crazy for going out in this (you don't see bikers backed up all over the city). I should send a thanks out to all the patient drivers out there, I really do appreciate the space and not being hit. I've been able to keep the rubber to the ground so far which is a pleasant accomplishment, although I have good experience crashing on my own so I know how I will react to it.

More bike trip planning is underway. Lindsey and I have been reading other touring bikers' stories since Friday in an attempt to work on the perfect packing list for our trip. The first critical piece of information we learned was about the headwinds on the West Coast, apparently they blow south(ish). Had we stuck to our original plan we would spend most of our trip biking into the wind. Since we opted out of riding through North Dakota for the same reason we decided to change the direction of our trip so we'll be going South to L.A. This took some major trip planning work and also means I will not be attending the wedding. In addition to that, I will also be riding the train from Minneapolis to Seattle alone with two bikes (Sounds like the start of a cool hipster murder mystery). I would like to thank the person at Warm Showers for the information about the wind on the coast.

I think I discovered the perfect pizza tonight. I leave the crust a little thicker than normal and leave out the red sauce. From there I put on mozzarela, artichokes, red onions, garlic, oregano and goat cheese (and of course salt and olive oil). Delicious, just in case you were wondering what I had for dinner (last night I had a salad).

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