Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some more pictures.

Lunch on top of a big climb after Gold Coast. Cody and Walker helped us make it up this one.

Not every day was clear. But the ocean is still cool.

Most of the pictures were taken with a clear sky.

It was deemed good luck to add a rock to the stacks. So Cody and I each added a couple rocks.

The early morning fog.

Look at us. First lunch on the road.

So fresh and clean. It only got better.

View over the Colombia River Gorge.

This was on the ferry from Washington to Oregon.

I liked this. I found it in the Olympic National Forest on one of my hikes before the bike trip started.


Nancy said...

Wow! Fantastic photos. It looks like you're having a great time!

Zapus said...

Seems like an amazing trip thus far! I loved the quote by Cheif Seattle. He understands that nature does not disclude humankind, but rather humankind is a part of nature. Also what types of hummingbirds are you seeing?